Lori "Namachkani" Piestewa Was A Patriot!
Jessica Lynch Best Friend Patriot!

Together Built a Wall of Tolerance Of Defense
with Thy Great White Spirit For Freedom!

Native American Nonprofit

Help us preserve Native American history and culture by joining One Tribe One Nation One World. Based in Niles, Illinois, we are a Native American nonprofit dedicated to making sure our history is not lost. We educate people and tell stories of Native American heroes, such as Lori Piestewa. We love meeting new people and teaching them about our ancestors and the truth behind our cultures. Our supporters appreciate our commitment to what we believe in, and our work to preserve vital history and culture.

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About One Tribe

Help us preserve Native American history by telling the stories of your tribe. We are bringing together 250 tribes to share Native American stories and lifestyles.

Donate to One Tribe One Nation One World in Niles, Illinois, and help support important causes. Your donations help address issues that are important to Native Americans.

Thy Honor of Sacrifice!

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One (our) World!


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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